• Housing in Ireland: Philosophy, Policies and Results

    crop peter mcverryTrinity Centre for Urban and Regional Studies in association with The Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice invites you to the symposium 'Housing in Ireland: Philosophy, Policies and Results'.

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  • Media Bias and Christianity

    150405130008 is media biased against christianity 00035716 full 169Dr Kevin Hargaden explores the topic of media bias, and its hidden benefits. This article appeared originally in the November 2017 edition of The Sacred Heart Messenger.

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  • A Prisoner in the Family

    Chapter 1 introduction'A Prisoner in the Family' is an article by Deputy Director of the JCFJ, Eoin Carroll, which appeared in the November 2017 issue of The Sacred Heart Messenger magazine.

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  • Decision-Making Ability Impaired in Young Adults

    prison ITOn Prisoner Sunday (12th November), Eoin Carroll, Deputy Director of the JCFJ, delivered a homily at St Francis Xavier Church, Dublin, based on the parable of the ten virgins which emphasises the need for preparation in order to be able to make good decisions.


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About the Centre

The Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice works to combat injustice and marginalisation in Irish society, through social analysis, education and advocacy.

The Centre highlights complex social issues, informs opinion and advocates for governmental policy change to create a fair and equitable society for all.

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People in prison are amongst the most marginalised and vulnerable in our society. The majority have left school early, experience literacy and learning difficulties and have a history of unemployment... Click here to view all of our material on Penal Policy

Environmental protection has emerged as a key element of social justice debates in recent decades... Click here to view all of our material on Environmental Justice

The right to a safe and secure place to live is one of the most basic human rights, it is fundamental to enable people to live a dignified life... Click here to view all of our material on Housing Policy

In our political discourse, every question of human flourishing seems to be reduced to bottom-line thinking. This focus on riches impoverishes our shared discourse and has serious negative consequences for society Click here to view material on Economic Justice

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Exploring Social Justice

Why Care - Social Justice Awareness for Younger People

Housing Crisis: A Key Issue for our next Government

housing crisisPrior to the election the JCFJ in a joint statement with other social justice groups argued that the current housing crisis has to be solved.

The next Government needs to have housing top of their agenda and reverse the failed policy of the last 20 years where there has been an over reliance on the private rented sector to meet social housing needs. The Government needs to make local authorities and not-for-profit bodies the key providers of social housing.

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Latest Statistics on Family Homelessness Shocking Indictment of Housing Policy

Make shift shelter Reacting to the January 2016 figures on family homelessness, the Centre says that the current homelessness crisis represents a terrible social injustice and reflects the abject failure of housing policy over the last two decades.

In Dublin there are now 769 families, including 1,570 children, living in emergency accommodation, more than doubling since January 2015. January saw 125 'newly homeless' families, a monthly increase higher than any month in 2015.

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Ireland’s Dysfunctional Housing System

housing crisisIreland’s Dysfunctional Housing System

‘Homelessness is worse now than at any time in recent memory’ says Peter McVerry SJ in our latest issue of Working Notes. In his article he draws attention to some of the serious problems being faced by tens of thousands of households in Ireland today in terms of housing access, affordability and security.

McVerry describes the Irish housing system today as ‘dysfunctional’, with all three sectors – the private housing market, the social housing sector and the private rented sector – in crisis at the same time. The most visible and extreme consequence of that dysfunctionality is the significant increase in homelessness.

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