Working Notes - Issue 55: The Election Issue

Issues: The 30th Dail
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The Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice is pleased to announce the publication of Working Notes: THE ELECTION ISSUE. This issue has been designed to assist people make an informed choice in the General Election on May 24th. Each article analyses and identifies successes and failures in a number of policy areas.

This edition is particularly important as the articles draw attention to a range of issues that illustrate the continuance, and in some cases the exacerbation, in the Ireland of today of some long-established forms of inequality.

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Towards A Directory of Irish Criminological Research

Hard Copy Update


Make a Submission to the Directory

Criminological Directory

Since the launch of Towards a Directory of Irish Criminological Research, we have been very encouraged by the cooperation and positive feedback and we are happy to know that many people find both the printed and electronic versions of the Directory useful. Therefore, we have decided to update and reprint the hard copy of the Directory.

If you are currently engaged in research of this nature and should you wish to be included in the Directory, we ask you to please supply us with details.


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Our Inspiration

Being "companions of Jesus, means being "companions with the poor," and we cannot turn aside when our friends are in need. We understand more clearly that the sinfulness of the world, which Christ came to heal, reaches in our time a pitch of intensity through social structures which exclude the poor--the majority of the world's population--from participation in the blessings of God's creation. We see that oppressive poverty breeds a systemic violence against the dignity of men, women, children, and the unborn which cannot be tolerated in the Kingdom willed by God. These are the signs of the times which call us to realize that "God has always been the God of the poor because the poor are the visible proof of a failure in the work of creation."

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Rehabilitation in Irish Prisons: Are we for Real? Working Notes, October 2006

Issue 53 of Working Notes is available here for download. This issue's articles include:

Boys inside St. PatsRehabilitation-Are we for Real?
by Peter McVerry

If money were scarce, and one had to prioritise where to invest in rehabilitative facilities within prison, where would you invest it? I suggest that the greatest return is likely to be found amongst the younger prison population who are still at a very decisive developmental period in their lives, namely the 16 -21 age group. Hence for evidence of any sort of political commitment to rehabilitation within prison, one might expect to look at the detention centres and services for young offenders.

Alternatives to Custody in Ireland
by Dr. Mairead Seymour

Ireland has seen a sharp increase in its prison population and a corresponding expansion of the prison estate over the last decade despite a reduction in the levels of recorded crime. Indeed, since 1995 the prison population rate has grown from 57 per 100,000 of national population to 78 per 100,000 of national population in 2006i. It has been suggested that the politicisation of the crime issue since the mid-nineties fuelled by extensive media coverage of high profile crime cases are key factors in the growthii. The prosperous economic conditions arising from the era of the Celtic Tiger are also identified as enabling a prison expansionist policy to become a realityiii. Despite numerous calls for a re-orientation of the system towards using custody as a last resortiv little change has occurred in almost 100 years (Probation of Offenders Act 1907) with the exception of the Criminal Justice (Community Service) Act 1983 and the Children Act 2001.

An Awards Ceremony for Criminals
by Tony O'Riordan SJ

Imagine if we introduced an annual award ceremony for Ireland’s most successful criminals. Who might be present at such a gala event and who would be likely to receive nominations and awards?

It is unlikely that such an event will ever happen but the very suggestion might help us think about some of the problems with our contemporary images and assumptions about crime, anti-social behaviour and fairness in Irish society.

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Jesuit Solidarity Scholarship Awarded

The Jesuit Solidarity Scholarship 2006/2007 has been awarded to Mr Walt Kilroy who will undertake his PhD research at the School of Law and Government in Dublin City University. He will undertake research in to the role of disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration in conflict resolution.

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