So You Can't Forgive...? Moving Towards Freedom

So you can't Forgive? Moving Towards Freedom What happens when you cannot forgive - indeed, when you feel that to do so would serve to minimise, excuse or even justify the wrong that has been done?

In So You Can't Forgive...? Brian Lennon SJ asks what real forgiving is. He examines the many myths and misunderstandings regarding forgiving and tries to be both compassionate and challenging in looking at ways in which people can move towards freedom.

He tries to be both compassionate and challenging in looking at ways in which people can move towards freedom. He discusses the danger that the reaction to suffering may foster a sense of 'victimhood' rather than enable people to become survivors. And he asks: how can we respond to the challenges of the Scriptures in a way that is a help and not a burden?


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Brian Lennon is a Jesuit priest who has worked for many years with people affected by conflict in Northern Ireland and elsewhere.

This book will be of interest to those who have been affected by violence, abuse or family disputes, and also to those working alongside them - spiritual guides, counsellors, carers, and people involved in conflict situations.

For those who seek to forgive, this little book will provide a path which they may follow, in gentle stages, possibly over many years.

Nuala O'Loan

(Special Envoy of the Irish Government to East Timor and former Police Ombudsman in Northern Ireland)


Forgiving is often the difficult option. It is, however, the road to freedom. Within these pages you will find the wisdom of the ages.

Terry Waite CBE

(Writer and former Special Envoy of the Archbishop of Canterbury)


This is a very reflective, insightful account of the forgiving process. It nicely combines the psychological and spiritual dimensions. I particularly liked the focus on the process of psychological separation and the desire for autonomy as an important but often neglected aspect of the journey towards forgiving.

Dr Maureen Gaffney

(Psychologist; Chairperson of the National Economic and Social Forum)

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