Windows on Social Spirituality (2003)


Written by The Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice

Christian Spirituality is social - it is about how we live our life in society and has implications for our relationships and for our actions in the personal, social, political, and religious spheres. Within the framework of a Christian understanding, the contributors to this book consider social dimensions of spirituality as part of the response to the search for a more just world. The authors are all practitioners in the field and their experience and commitment are transparent in what they write: how a Christian understanding of the world can motivate, nourish and sustain our efforts to bring about a more just world.



You can read selected extracts of the book in pdf format here:



pdfThe Two Gardeners (Bill Toner SJ

pdfEucharist, Reconciliation and Politics (Brian Lennon SJ)

pdfWomen and Social Spirituality (Bernadette Flanagan PVBM)

pdfTwo Challenges for Social Spirituality (Seamus Murphy SJ)




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