Environment and Justice

OBrien-lakeCare of creation or protection of the environment has emerged as a key element of social justice in recent decades. The science of ecology has over time described the intricate web of relationships in which people play an active part for good and bad. This web of creation in which humanity finds itself requires respect, a new dawn of “ecojustice” has emerged.

The Jesuits have cautiously entered this new field of reflection, in their international gatherings as they have reflected on a concern for the environment as late as 1984. Before this perhaps the most significant Jesuit to reflect on humankind’s part in creation was Pierre Teilard deChardin.

In response to this growing demand for what might be called “ecojustice”, the Jesuit centre have recently undertaken a review of how care of the environment might be fostered. This has resulted in discussions with several religious bodies for whom “ecojustice” is a central to their work. The centre has produced an issue of Working Notes dedicated to promoting attention to the environment as a fundamental necessity in the promotion of social justice.  This is a beginning, which sees the care of creation as key policy issue for the centre.

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