The Meaning is in the Shadows (2003)

meaningshadowsthumb2.jpgWritten by Peter McVerry SJ

A collection of writings spanning the career of well known social campaigner Peter McVerry. In 1974, as a newly-ordained Jesuit priest, Fr McVerry chose to live and work in the inner city with a small group from his order. He began working with young people from severely disadvantaged families and communities. To a young priest from a middle-class background the experience was a complete culture shock. It opened his eyes to what is happening in our very divided society and called into question his understanding of God. This book contains his reflections on these experiences.

 You can read selected extracts of the book in pdf format here:

pdf Contents

pdf Introduction

pdf The Bad Old Days

pdf The Giver of Gifts

pdf Towards a Just Society

pdf Towards a Spirituality


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