Catholic Social Teaching in Action (2005)


Edited by Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice

Social teaching has sometimes been called the church's 'best kept secret'. The aim of this book is to make some of this teaching more widely known. The book brings together authors from a variety of backgrounds, men and women, Jesuits and lay, to explore some aspects of Catholic social teaching. The articles are written in readily accessible language and the areas covered include: the vision inspired by the notion of the dignity of the human person; social teaching and education; subsidiarity and the family etc. Catholic Social Teaching is a rich source to be drawn on for many areas of life. It has importance for personal and interpersonal, social and societal relationships, as well as relationships between nations and peoples.


 You can read selected extracts of the book in pdf format here:



pdfA Vision to Live By (Jim Corkery SJ)

pdfCatholic Social Teaching: The Real 'Third Way' (David Begg)

pdfCatholic Social Teaching: Opening the Chest (Susan Jones CHF)

pdfSolidarity in Catholic Social Teaching (Cathy Molloy)

pdfThe Contributors


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