Church Structural Renewal

TheologicalThe election of Pope Francis has given people hope that the deep crisis that affects the Catholic Church in Ireland can be tackled. This crisis had its immediate origins in the scandal of clerical child sexual abuse. There were, however, deeper fault-lines, to do with the dominance of a male, clericalist culture and the overly-centralised organizational structure of the Church that do scant justice to the nature of the Church as People of God, as outlined in the Second Vatican Council. Pope Francis has reaffirmed the Council’s vision, and his wonderfully engaging pastoral simplicity has won over the hearts of many, believers and non-believers alike. His call to church members is to engage in the personal and structural renewal and reform necessary to implement this vision.

The Jesuit Centre of Faith and Justice is committed to collaborate with others to bring about the required changes. As one resource we offer the publication A New Vision for the Catholic Church: A View from Ireland.

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