Peter McVerry SJ discusses drug decriminalisation in the Irish Times

drug policy picturePeter McVerry SJ discusses drug decriminalisation in the Irish Times

Writing a series of five opinion pieces for the Irish Times, McVerry, in his latest article, discusses why he believes drugs should be decriminalised. He argues that the ‘war on drugs’ has failed wider society and the person dependent on drugs.

The cost to the individual when their substance misuse is treated with punishment, and the woefully inadequate number of treatment facilities in the country.


“Every drug user I have worked with has come to a point in their life when they wanted to give up drugs. There is then a small window of opportunity to help them. However, if treatment is not available, or if they have to go on long waiting lists, then the window of opportunity may close.”

Describing the cost to society, McVerry tells a story of attending court with a young man who has been charged with possession of cannabis to the value of €2. While he does not attempt to calculate the actual financial cost, the total must be staggering as it is adjourned four times: several court appearances which Gardái have to attend, free legal aid, judicial salary – not to mention the cost of a prison sentence.

Furthermore, he notes the wider social costs, and why these are rarely taken into account when discussing the ‘war on drugs’:

“On average, a person using illegal drugs on a regular basis might commit two crimes a day to pay for their habit. If a person joins a six-month waiting list, they may commit 350 crimes while waiting for treatment. If, after five years, they have remained drug-free, society has been spared some 3,500 crimes... Of course, you cannot see 3,500 crimes not being committed so it is difficult to persuade politicians that treatment is value for money.”

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For the full article in the Irish Times click here.

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