• Real Love Challenges Vested Interests

    peter mcverry 1Pope Francis, in everything he says and does, takes the side of the poor and marginalised over and against the wealthy and powerful. He challenges the global structures which deny many their basic human rights and maintain people in their poverty and suffering, while enriching the few, says Peter McVerry SJ. 

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  • Will Francis Comment on Neoliberalism?

    pope moneyPope Francis’ visit to Ireland is a cause of excitement to many and dismay to others. Beneath the flurry of events associated with the World Meeting of Families and the simmering controversy around protests, his visit is an opportunity to reflect on one of the major emphases of his papacy, says Kevin Hargaden.

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  • Prisoner Amnesty for Papal Visit

    pope prisonersEoin Carroll's article in the Irish Times looks back to the arrival of John Paul II in 1979, when 76 prisoners were granted early release, and questions why there is no mention of an amnesty to coincide with the visit of Pope Francis.

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  • Safe Spaces For Young People in Prison

    youth day 2018The theme of International Youth Day 2018 is Safe Spaces for Youth, something that resonates strongly with the work in prison and penal reform that the Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice is involved in. The centre has long been an advocate for changes in the prison system for young adults, whom we view as a discrete demographic group, worthy of particular consideration.

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The Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice works to combat injustice and marginalisation in Irish society, through social analysis, education and advocacy.

The Centre highlights complex social issues, informs opinion and advocates for governmental policy change to create a fair and equitable society for all.

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People in prison are amongst the most marginalised and vulnerable in our society. The majority have left school early, experience literacy and learning difficulties and have a history of unemployment... Click here to view all of our material on Penal Policy

Environmental protection has emerged as a key element of social justice debates in recent decades... Click here to view all of our material on Environmental Justice

The right to a safe and secure place to live is one of the most basic human rights, it is fundamental to enable people to live a dignified life... Click here to view all of our material on Housing Policy

In our political discourse, every question of human flourishing seems to be reduced to bottom-line thinking. This focus on riches impoverishes our shared discourse and has serious negative consequences for society Click here to view material on Economic Justice

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Why Care - Social Justice Awareness for Younger People

JCFJ Joins European Research Initiative for Social Transformation

HEST logoThe only way to address the problems facing our societies is to understand them. This basic assumption guides an innovative new initiative from the European Jesuit provinces which seek to bring their networks of universities and social centres together to tackle the challenges that most press on European societies.

The Higher Education for Social Transformation (HEST)  campaign is envisioned as a fifteen-year, pan-continental, cross-disciplinary endeavour which will consider a range of issues including; Christian-Muslim relations, the interaction between science and religion, what it means to be human, how to integrate migrants and refugees, and the role of spirituality (especially Ignatian spirituality) in contemporary life. The goal is to produce meaningful and quality research that can be communicated to a range of audiences so as to promote progressive advocacy in each area.
The Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice will participate in two of the research clusters. Kevin Hargaden, Social Theology officer for the Centre, is part of the team that will consider 'Economy, Poverty, and Ethics'
The Centre’s Environmental Justice Officer, Catherine Devitt is contributing to the group investigating 'Ecology and Environmental Challenges'. Both strands of the project are formalising their research agendas with a view to offering solutions and promoting positive changes in how we consider and engage with these critical issues. 
Speaking after attending the workshop meetings associated with the Economy cluster in July 2017, Kevin said, “To be able to collaborate within such a diverse group of expertise is a real honour. With the professionalisation of research, all too commonly we lose the big picture because we are so focused on the details of our specific field. With the HEST initiative, research communities across Europe have the chance to rediscover the big picture”.
Reflecting on her exposure to the work being done in the Ecology cluster, Catherine said, “The first meeting of our group generated a really fruitful discussion on what a specifically unique Ignatian response to today’s complex environmental problems would look like, and what type of vision are we putting forward when we talk about social transformation. This type of discussion and reflection is essential if we are to realise the vision of integral ecology that Pope Francis puts forward in Laudato Si’.” 
The Centre’s participation in the HEST network builds on its already rich connections with the vibrant network of Jesuit works across Europe (and indeed the wider world) that seek to live out a faith that does justice. The focus of their participation in clusters considering economic justice and environmental care are of a part with the key issues that the Centre considers in the Irish context. 
The hope, therefore, is that this research will offer new insights and fresh illumination for the ongoing work of the Centre as its pursues social justice in Ireland. 

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